Just One Way




Directed by
Damasco Antonio
Lights and design by Gianfranco Ferrari
Sound G.U.P.
Scenes Realization by Sauro Prosperi
Costumes Paolo Bertelli with Antonio Damasco, Michela Negro and

Arash Yari, daf - tar (Iran)
Eliza Yari - Santur (Iran)
Gerardo Cardinale - flutes (Italy)
Kavan Molavian Shahr - violin (Iran)
Dorcas Mpemba - vocals (Congo)

Special guest: Cesira

The work was born from an Anthony Damasco’s rereading of Erri De Luca’s works, such as "One Way", "Opera on the water" and "The last Sinbad’s travel", linked to the idea of word as musicality of body language. It continues the research on contemporary drama already undertaken by Teatro delle Forme in the “Ballad of an Italian love in five silences” and "How to become Nazis".
It is an intense and evocative show, where poetic writing becomes image and sound, the sound of the Neapolitan dialect, mixed with salt and saliva, belonging to those who know the work of hands, the wind on your burned skin, the lack and the nostalgia to feel belonging to a particular place, at home like in love, or in a woman’s cosy body .

DSCF2595_compressaThe Orchestra of Porta Palazzo on stage with its music and its guests from Iran, Congo, Senegal, is the voice of this trip, the last Captain’s travel.

"Because who has a woman waiting for him is saved from illness and storms,
in the point of danger, forces are doubled,
two forces fight instead of one.
Death gets tired against two, it prefers solitary ones. "

Erri De Luca