Concept and Direction: Antonio Damasco
Music by Ghetonia
With Antonio Damasco, Silvia Edera, Roberto Licci, Emanuele Licci, Salvatore Cotardo
Dances: Giulia Campagna

... This flaming war began in the East and soon it chose the whole world as theater.
This is an endless game, like anyone else. The gentle king, the sinister ensign, the irreducible queen, the rigid tower, the careful pedestrian are looking for each other in this black and white space and they are choosing each other in a fierce and silent battle.
They don’t know that there is a precise player’s hand ruling that fate, they don’t know that there is an inevitable law controlling their imprisoned caprices. But even the player is a prisoner of another chessboard of black nights and blinding days. God moves the player, who moves the pieces. But which God, behind God, can move this story about dust and time, dream and agony? ... Love! There is no doubt, there isn’t any other God, I assure you ...

“Myth” start from the question: “ What does move earth and men? The answer is Love / Eros, a true demiurge of destiny. But it is always an impossible love, which (..) shoots always two equal and opposite arrows: so that, when an arrow is setting free, the other is condemning…it is imprisoning (....) something malignant from the beginning".  And the Greek myths about this impossible Love/fate have left us fascinating stories, inspiration of tragic masterpiecesMITO_3 such as “Hamlet” and “Romeo and Juliet”. Starting from the story of the world and its myths, Gaia, Uranus, Hephaestus, “Myth” tells about the Greek stories of (missed) love between Echo and Narcissus, Pyramus and Thisbe, and, finally, Endymion and Selene. This last story is the culmination of an impossible Love/fate: Selene falls in love with the very beautiful Endymion and, in order to be able to visit him every night, she gave him a never-ending sleeping. But, even if this sleeping doesn’t preclude procreation (fifty daughters were born from their relationship), it doesn’t allow Love to be fully expressed.