In the long history of the show, the relationship between food and theater has always had an uninterrupted dialogue, by telling the economic, religious, social and environmental stories. The popular drama represented this dialogue, putting on moments of ritual, socializing, sharing spaces and collective moments (like the "vigils"), typical of rural communities. Teatro delle Forme has taken this tradition by proposing a real review of Wine and Food Theater, for the first time in Italy: Sentiero diVino.
This project marked the beginning of a new cultural model, looking for researches, entertainment, tourism and promotion of local resources to create a more original proposal.


Teatro delle Forme has always worked in synergy with art, research, anthropology and tourism. Even the continuous collaboration with some public institutions and private foundations and the socializing events we organize let us do better and better. That's why Piedmont Region, the Province of Turin, the Federation of the Consortiums for the Safeguard of Upper Piedmont and the Mountain Communities "Bassa Valle di Susa”, “ Val Cenischia" and "Alta Valle di Susa” wanted to create a real touristic and cultural path of research and rediscovery. That’s the birth of Sentiero diVino, a mix of wine, theater and territory promotion, interacting with small and large communities.

Sentiero diVino was, in recent years, a unique opportunity for the promotion of single areas and to visit places outside the traditional touristic routes, to discover and taste typical  wines and to watch an innovative theater, telling of traditions and popular culture, re-proposed in a dynamic and interactive way.
It offered an “ alive” picture of popular  traditions, absorbed in Piedmont over the centuries together with flavors and landscapes, which the wine culture could re-draw on our territory.

The Sentiero diVino journey will create a new network of places and subjects of the Piedmont wine, in order to let born a dynamic group of people, ready to move among various territories and interested in the knowledge of new wines / companies, from a theatric stage or from the treasures of their own towns.