copertina_MetapliSMETAPOLI(S) GUIDES

DiarioTeatro of the City
Metapoli (s) is not a touristic, literary, historical, architectural or food and wine guide.
It is a kind of script for a theatrical show, in which the main characters are you, having it in your own hands. It sounds strange but, in my small knowledge of theater, I’ve always seen theater as a  relationship between the “ Other” – the unknown, taking a secret, an emotion with him (namely, the actor)- and a not organic body- made of imaginary, dreams, moods, namely, the audience. I can find this relationship every day in cafés, on the streets or at work. A "theatricality" existing free, without a director. That’s gave me the idea to turn any reader into “ actor”.

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cartolina_Diari_di_scenaDIARI DI SCENA

Life of a show

“Diari di scena " want to be the attempt to read the theater through its real condition of existence, namely its ability to perform and to become scenic body, or when, " as taught by Luigi Pirandello, even the most sublime masterpiece of literature or theater accepts to be just an excuse


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First Diary

In popular traditions have always existed both profane and holy representations accompanied by written and handed down dramas- like, for example, "Gelindo"

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