DiarioTeatro of the City


 Project:  Antonio Damasco

 Edited by Valter Giuliano

Graphic Art: Darwin

Metapoli (s) is not a touristic, literary, historical, architectural or food and wine guide.
It is a kind of script for a theatrical show, in which the main characters are you, having it in your own hands. It sounds strange but, in my small knowledge of theater, I’ve always seen theater as a  relationship between the “ Other” – the unknown, taking a secret, an emotion with him (namely, the actor)- and a not organic body- made of imaginary, dreams, moods, namely, the audience. I can find this relationship every day in cafés, on the streets or at work. A "theatricality" existing free, without a director. That’s gave me the idea to turn any reader into “ actor”.
A show, however, must have some places, dialogues, monologues, scenes and costumes, namely a dramaturgy.

That’s why DiarioTeatro is a great opportunity, a game, a new way to live spaces, and not just for those coming from outside. In order to do it, I needed an external eye, a guest, an intellectual, like the great travelers of the world literature who visited Italy, such as Goethe, Stendhal, Mozart, Byron, Dovstoevski or Nietzsche.
In this way, Valter Giuliano lead us, with balance and detachment, to a city, which is visible through the eyes of those coming from outside. Like in any show, poetry, myth and interpretation are subjective notions of the artist.
On the other hand, the author leads you in a bookstore, where you could find the most comprehensive guides, written by people living in these cities, knowing and studying them very well. So, you will simply find what you are looking for.
We have just given the password for a network of knowledge - of literature, history, people-  to help to catch the most secret and confidential sense of the city.
We started from the town Bra, so, from here, you will create your own, personal and unique story...
Perhaps, that’s why Metapoli (s) is also a small touristic, literary, historical, architectural, food and wine guide.

Good travel and good discovery!

Antonio Damasco