Intimate diary of a city

(and citizens)

by Antonio Damasco

An area telling about itself, a city, a park, feeling the need to offer its residents and visitors something new. The visitor / spectator will feel that trees, houses, benches, shops, cafes and its inhabitants are within a game of coincidences, accidents, complicities and fantastic memories. This is Metapoli(s), the first complete project of promotion of an area, through the imagery of theatrical technique.
In fact the event was created with the innovative purpose to let tourism, culture and development of local communities speak among them, through actions of editorial and performatory theatricality.

The event is both a performance and an editorial guide to the city: a "City Diary" where the scenes are made of natural and architectural spaces, large and small stories crossing the city, from what was, until what might have been. It is not a tourist guide or a historical map, a novel or a touristic animation, but a real story of the city, its present and the spirit living in every place.

Close your eyes. Imagine a theater without actors. Now imagine a city, maybe yours, its squares, its streets, its houses. Think about what they remember you and the moments you have lived there. Now open your eyes. There's your city, you can recognize it by the bell, There are people, familiar and not familiar faces, there's that building in the center of the city, which has always intrigued you... and you are there too.