logo_TDFThe Teatro delle Forme Association was born in October 1995, with a strong enthusiasm typical for  young people creating artistic or social groups driven by a real need.
 The urgency moving us was as new as ancient. Theater became a means to tell us what we were. The survey did not immediately have a political vision - meaning for policy, awareness to be active subject able to influence relationships between people - but it was almost a personal necessity, requiring a technical, organizational and intellectual gestation to understand how working, where training, which directions should have our views.
Turin has always been a city open to experimentation. Agencies and bodies looking after youth and promotion of culture have always been led and developed by people interested in new movements, methods, integrations and ideas.

In those times,  Teatro delle Forme was composed of  very curious people, coming from different theatrical experiences. This mixture was a deep investigation on "theatrical forms", whose origins were in the meeting between ritual and celebrations and in some of the most important experiences in the theater of innovations.
Themes and intentions on which we focused, brought into our own artistic dimension, are discussed below:


  • Contemporary drama – developing our own scenic playwriting was a very important point for us, in order to let the theater be written and rewritten;
  • Reinvent systems coming from some popular traditions – by bringing our own personal reading, by using sometimes these models, with high attention to expressions passed down orally. These traditions are collected and revised through observation on field;
  • A new balance in the dialectical relationship actor-spectator – or "getting again a necessary relationship" between actor-spectator. The relationship involves spectator in scenic act, like someone different from the acting character, but also in the balance during the action, changing its role and approach in a never-ending dialogue.
  • The scenic art is a indissoluble unicum of theater, dance, song and poetry - back to the pre-bourgeois concept of theater, through the harmonious unification of speech, image, music and body in a single work.